The Little Bakery with A Big Bite


Driving by on a sunny afternoon, I decided to stop by at Upper Crust to grab a quick bite. Set on busy street of Zamzama, a small yet cozy place that offers a unique blend of quality and taste with a personalized service.  It is an upscale yet casual artisan bread boutique with an eclectic and extensive menu with inviting and comfortable setting that will leave you feeling nostalgic.

The The Little Bakery with A Big Bite  present  menu here takes influence from many parts of the world offering, American, British, soul food, tex-mex, patisseries, burgers and sandwiches; Upper Crust is committed to serve you quality savory and confectionery delectable delights.  For a I tired the divine  Angus beef burger , grilled chicken Panini and jalapeno poppers . The burger, comprised of a juicy pattie in a brown bread bun ,(unique to Upper crust). The Panini was full of flavor and the focasia freshly baked

Upper Crust’s line of high-end individual and full-size desserts includes mousse cakes, tarts, cheesecakes, cupcakes and breads. Based on classic French recipes, the desserts are made from real cream, eggs, butter, mascarpone cheese and imported Belgian chocolate with no preservatives. Most of the ingredients used are imported from various countries especially Europe. Cheesecakes being the main specialty, Upper Crust offers a varied range from raspberry fudge cheesecake to white chocolate fresh strawberry cheesecake(strawberries imported from the UK), to mars bar cheesecake, cookies and cream cheesecake.

You’ll often find chef Rabia in her chef’s uniform ready to greet the customers with her pleasant smile. She has not only made a name for herself with her avant-garde desserts at Upper Crust, but also because she’s the rare chef who is equally at ease chatting with her diners giving each customer a personalized service. A natural host, she talks up anyone within earshot.

Since opening Upper Crust has been a roaring success. Thanks to top-notch food, value for money and a trendy, upbeat vibe, this one is set to be just as popular.
Upper Crust is more than just a bakeshop and deserves just as much acclaim.


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