Chinese Company Proposes Project for Electric Buses in Karachi


electric buses in Karachi A Chinese firm has extended a deal to launch electric buses in Karachi. It seems a good offer as it includes 2,000 electric buses in Karachi, with investment of $600 million. The project might solve the issues faced by the metropolis commuters.

Thomas Wang led the delegation of six-member, which visited Karachi’s Mayor Wasim Akhtar. He also offered to give two electric buses as gifts, which would reach Karachi within the period of two months. Thomas Wang, works for Chinese company Eco-Bus.

Furthermore, he said that buses will be monitored and evaluated before getting operational. Moreover, training will be provided to the staff for running the electric buses in Karachi.

Wasim Akhtar addressed the media and said that this project could solve the transport issue of Karachi. Furthermore, he added that the transport system of Karachi is in bad shape.

He further stated that the gifted buses will be tested in the local conditions before launch of the whole project. In addition, the buses are also Eco-friendly, means less pollution in the air.

Furthermore, he also informed that under the domain of the project over 500 stations will be established at different locations in the city where these buses could be charged. Once charged these buses could travel approximately 280 kilometers.

Moreover, he said the Chinese firm has various proposals for launch of electric buses in Karachi. Project may be worked upon in a joint venture with the government or the local transport or could just sell the buses. All the options will be evaluated before the final decision is taken.

The Chinese company is also in contact with the government with reference to electric buses project.


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