New Private Airlines are Entering Pakistan


New private airlinesNew private airlines are lining up to start their venture in Pakistan. Four new private airlines have applied for the issuance of the Regular Public Transport (RPT) Airline License of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

It seems like a wave of new private airlines have started in Pakistan. Serene, Airblue and Shaheen are the three main private airlines that are already operational. Askari Air Pakistan, United Airways Pakistan Limited (Air Pakistan), Liberty Air, and Afeef Zara Airways have applied for license to start operations in Pakistan.

Furthermore, Aviation Division informed that issuance of licenses to the private airlines in the country is an ongoing process. Any private airline is eligible to apply for the license.

The process for RPT licenses runs in accordance with the rules of Civil Aviation Rules (CARs) 1994 and National Aviation Policy (NAP)-2015 for consideration of the competent authority.

Furthermore, M/s Air Sial Limited has already been awarded RPT license to run operations in Pakistan. The RPT license was awarded on September 5, 2017.

With regard to new applications, some lawmakers were skeptical about the application of Askari Air Pakistan. The reason being Askari is mainly used by Fauji Foundation.

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Shaikh Aftab, who was handling the questions on behalf of the Minister for Aviation, stated that he was not aware of the status of owner of Askari Air Pakistan. However, he added he will inform after confirming the status of the Airline.

He further said, “I don’t know whether it belonged to the Fauji Foundation but I do know it is a private airline,”

Fauji Foundation is one of the largest financial services and one of the largest energy corporations which provides services in fertilizer, cement, food, power generation, gas exploration, LPG marketing and distribution, financial services, employment services, and security services.


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