Pakistan bio-metric E-passport project finally finalised


pakistan biometric epassport

The interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan from the Pakistani Government finally approved the ePassport project for an improved, secured, digitized solution for its citizens today that shall be operational by 2017.

The high regarded meeting had many important personalities including the interior secretary, special interior secretary, DG-FIA, Chairman NADRA, Interior Ministry’s senior officials as well as DG Immigration and passports who gave the approval keeping in mind the many problems face by the country in addition to the many benefits that this ePassport shall hold. They include:

  • Security from identity theft, human smuggling, counterfeit and other such crimes
  • Extra security that makes them strong against forgery, tampering or hacking through terrorists and agents
  • It will improve Pakistan’s passport ranking from the worst to better
  • Fake passports will become a past problem
  • Effortless updation of information even in the future
  • It has advance built-in features for security

The new passport shall be an electronic chip having bio-metric data for easier identification of traveler that prevents hacking identities. They will be made in a modern digital printing machine that is installed with the latest technological trends for greater quality to enhance the production of the same.


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