Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry losing International Grounds to Indian Drug Manufacturers


Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical manufacturers in Pakistan are losing their market to Indian pharmaceutical industry.  The exports have witnessed considerable fluctuations due to the recent change in policies. The local industry holds policymakers responsible for not addressing the issues plus appropriate approaches to uplift the pharmaceutical industry.

Toll manufacturing is hindered by government and it has substantially reduced the market reach leading to Indian drugmakers taking the edge on Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry. Drug manufacturing if, subcontracted to other companies reduce costs and simultaneously production can be enhanced. In case of toll manufacturing, companies other than source companies i.e. the third party manufactures the drugs. It cuts cost as well ensures quality is kept priority.

With this kind of involving others to manufacture helps in raising GDP, and also create jobs.

The Drug Regulation Authority of Pakistan (Drap) has promulgated the policy that furnishes license to toll manufacturing for only two years and also this is subject to renewal after every three months.

The policy also delineates that the company once are in the phase of renewing their license cannot produce the drugs which are the clear identification of lack of support from the government. It consumes time and halts the process as well.

Non-cooperation from government has restricted the industry from making any long-term decision. With the obvious competitive advantage to reduce cost, Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry losing international grounds to Indian drug manufacturers as we are not earning gains from the toll manufacturing.


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