PFA to Ban Vanaspati Ghee


ban vanaspati gheeThe Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has decided to ban vanaspati ghee due to poor quality. It plans to restrict quantity of trans-fatty acids upt0 0.5%. This decision to ban vanaspati ghee sends a good signal by the PFA. It promotes the culture of healthy diet also threatening the manufacturers to produce quality products. The concept of ethical manufacturing needs to be followed which is integral for a healthy society.

The decision was taken by PFA’s scientific panel. High amount of trans-fatty acids, Palmitic acid and nickel are used in production of vanaspati ghee. This may prove to be detrimental in enhancing the possibility of lethal diseases such as diabetes, obese, mental diseases, heart diseases and cancer.
The decision was taken in a recent meeting that the trans-fatty acids will be restricted up to 0.5 per cent as per “Codex Alimentarius Commission”. The selling, purchasing and manufacturing of vanaspati ghee is expected to be banned in the coming three years.
The total consumption of cooking oil and ghee for one person is 18 kg in Pakistan. It is only 3 kg in Europe.  The use of vegetable oil needs to be promoted. Banning vanaspati ghee is a welcoming decision by PFA.


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