PIA Keen to Initiate Islamabad to Gwadar Flights


Islamabad to Gwadar Flights

PIA has planned to start Islamabad to Gwadar flights looking to fetch revenue, for being already too much in the loss. The need for direct flights to Gwadar arose from Chine-Pakistan Economic corridor that attracts a lot of investors, particularly from China, as it is the main stakeholder.

It is estimated that PIA has borne a loss of Rs.319.1 billion so far and due to this bleak performance and revenue generation capacity, it has disintegrated from most of the loss-making destinations to seek better opportunities.

The national flag carrier chief executive officer Musharraf Rasool Cyan said that by end of December 2018 Islamabad to Gwadar Flights will be started and we are ought to fulfill the need of our passengers.

The significance of CPEC, as it will grant China access to the Arabian Sea all the way through Pakistan is a key factor for sustainable prosperity in the airline industry. The loss enduring PIA will be realizing a good outcome from this lucrative destination.

Also, New Islamabad airport will boost the operations and capacity of the revenues. PIA has also put to halt its NewYork bound flights as they caused Rs.1.5billion of loss.

The Islamabad airport will play a vital role in reviving the influx of passengers from other countries because the situation like terrorism has badly affected the perception of people ultimately affecting the industry.  The CEO was very hopeful that loss stricken carrier would soon be a productive source for revenue generation and for this purpose every effort is put in place to make PIA successful.

The national flag carrier will also start flights to and from Islamabad and Lahore to D.I. Khan and it has planned to increase operations in Zhob, Turbat, and Multan as well.

Every day PIA goes around to 110 destinations, international and domestic, it has the total of 36 aircrafts which is planned to be 44 within the span of three years.


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