Strategic Partnership of Lamudi and Standard Chartered Bank


lamudi-mortgage-calculatorExciting announcement as Lamudi Pakistan has teamed up with Standard Chartered Bank to support the people of Pakistan in getting finance for a new dream home.

One of the priority activities home hunters undertake is getting the finance for their house purchase. The procedure can be complicated so Lamudi Pakistan has enhanced their website by adding an easy-to-use loan calculator; which is conveniently located at the top right-hand corner for each exciting property listing.

The unique, user-friendly design provides would-be buyers with a monthly loan repayment schedule along with the total loan amount and the terms and conditions.

Customers have the freedom to choose the size of their down payment which can range from between 30 and 70 percent of the asking price and this is then used to calculate the monthly repayments. Home seekers can set the duration of the loan between three and 20 years.

Customers can also select their preference to customise their loan, and the monthly installment amount will appear on the screen. If customers then decide to apply for the loan they can simply submit a request right on the page with just one click. You will then arrive at the homepage of Standard Chartered Bank where a bank clerk will process your application. It is every Pakistani’s dream to own a home but getting the money together is an obstacle. Many renters are paying their savings over to a landlord but there is now a smart alternative.

The strategic partnership between Lamudi Pakistan and Standard Chartered Bank opens up the possibility of getting a loan with greater ease than ever before copper-fastening Lamudi Pakistan’s mission to empower local house hunters in any way possible.


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