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Whenever a young entrepreneur starts any kind of business, he faces some initial and basic issues which also include finding appropriate office space. To start a business professionally, one needs to have an office where the entrepreneur can work with his team. Some businesses may not require a physical office space but still they need a valid office address to be printed on their visiting cards and also on which they can receive their courier. Mr. Omer Butt, an entrepreneur with a real estate background in Islamabad and a charter member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) has started a Business Center providing economical office services to young entrepreneurs according to their requirements.

Professional Background

Mr. Omer Butt has been involved in the real estate business since 20 years. His primary interest lies in developing commercial real estate in Islamabad. He has also worked with some real estate companies overseas in U.K. and Dubai. His family is also in the real estate business.

It is believed that every disaster brings an opportunity; a dip in the real estate market led Mr. Butt to come up with an idea of establishing a Business Center. The idea of establishing a Business Center in Islamabad was conceived in 2009. It was a unique idea in Pakistan especially in Islamabad although this practice is rather common in other countries.

Business Center

The center provides executive furnished offices serving any business purpose. They also have meeting rooms, conference rooms and multiple services which they offer to established companies as well as start ups. There are 5 floors in this building out of which 1 floor is dedicated to the Business Center but they do plan to take it to other floors with the passage of time.

The business center also offers services like Virtual Office in which the company/entrepreneur can have an office address and a meeting place to conduct their business activities in case he does not want to have a proper office. He can receive courier, have an operator who will receive business calls and even redirect the calls to a desired cell phone. Their virtual office service is quite feasible especially for companies which are not based in Islamabad. Consultants can conduct their trainings here as well.

Objective of Business Center

Mr. Omer is trying to provide infrastructure for young entrepreneurs and start-ups to be able to economically start a business and move forward. With his background of real estate, he is trying to resolve their office space problems by having their virtual presence.

There are many businessmen who have a business idea and want to implement it but they think that it is still early to get a physical office. There are some individuals who are currently working in multinationals but at the same time they have started their own businesses and are using this Virtual Office Facility. They also bring their clients to conduct meetings.

It is not a smart idea to start a business with an office. The first step is to get some business and clientele and then establish an office. Otherwise, if the business idea fails, the money spent on the office space will be wasted.


 Business Center

SRB Business Center is a comprehensive facility which offers executive office space along with several dynamic solutions for businesses. Besides executive offices this facility comprises of fully equipped meeting rooms, conference rooms, workstations space and much more. SRB Business center offers solutions for established enterprises as well as start up businesses.

Facilities and Services

Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

For company meetings use our state of the art meeting rooms or even fancier conference rooms. Trainings and workshops may also be conducted at our premises. Multimedia facilities are available at our business center.

Call Handling/Operator service

We offer professional call handling services for clients needs. Irrespective of client’s location, we provide the client with a dedicated telephone number. Our trained operator answers calls in the client’s company name and handles the call as per instruction. Calls forwarding options are available to connect calls.

Special Package

We offer a special package in which our virtual clients can have meeting room time included in their package along with Cal handling and Business address services.  Additionally we can offer free hours for time shared office space in this package. Our Management can tailor make packages for clients on request. This is an idea cost saving solution for entrepreneurs.

Work Station Space

Clients may use workstation space by the hour or reserve their own workstation space for the month.

Time share Office Space

Clients can also rent an office per hour =, per day or even for a week. This is most suitable for clients visiting from other cities.


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