‘Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises need E-Commerce Support’ Anusha Rahman


 Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME’s) are very crucial for the development of regions they are the force which can improve development as well as living standards of underprivileged. They are seeking a platform and support to express their businesses and skills to others. The need for e-commerce in developing SME’s is very important said Anusha Rahman, State minister for IT and Telecommunication. She also told that we are working on an e-commerce portal called ‘Made in Pakistan’ which will help in bringing 50,000 artisans on board from all across Pakistan.

The minister also stressed upon the need for promoting and encouraging information Communication technology and the venues for Pakistan to exhibit its potential in the global market. We are not merely a costumer intensive pool but also we need opportunities to present our goods to the world, she was addressing the session on e-commerce in sidelines of world economic forum.

With industry and government collaboration and public-private partnership we can reap lots of benefits and with the introduction of digital technology, we can improve quality of services in many sectors like education, learning, health, agriculture etc.

Anusha stressed upon international support and cooperation and said that in that way challenges can be addressed effectively. And with the support of e-commerce, we can push SMEs to trade and develop their products.


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