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Steps for E-filing of Returns;

1) You should be e-enrolled at eFBR Portal Click here to e-Enroll Now (Upon completion of e-Enrollment process, you will be issued User-Id, Password and
PIN immediately)

2) Access the eFBR Portal by visiting https://e.fbr.gov.pk

3) Login by using your User-Id and Password

a)If you are Salaried Person or Business Individual, then your CNIC is your User-Id.
b)If you forget your password Click Forget Password and follow the guidelines for getting new password yourself OR Call at (051) 111-772-772(24 Hrs.
Helpline and get your password via e-Mail)

4) After successful Login, follow the following navigation path to prepare your return: Declaration>>Income Tax>>Annual Income Tax Return

5) After Preparing the return, first Verify and then Submit the return.

Why Pin is Important? For submission of the return , the system will ask for your PIN which was issued to you during the E-Enrollment process. If you forget
your PIN you can generate it as follows:

Self Service while you are logged in Click Change Pin under the Administration link (Your New PIN will be sent to you at your registered e-mail address)

OR Call at 051 11772772 (24 Hrs. Helpline and get your PIN via e-Mail)


Taxpayer Guide

The Mechanism of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Sales Tax

Sales Tax Guide


Income Tax

1 Basic Concepts Of Tax On Income (Taxpayer’s Facilitation Guide)- Amended Upto Finance Act,2012
2 Obligation To File Income Tax Declarations (Taxpayer’s Facilitation Guide)
3 Tax Reductions,Rebates And Credits – Amended Upto Finance Act,2012
4 Collection And Deduction Of Income Tax At Source (Withholding Agents Perspective) (Taxpayer’s Facilitation Guide)
5 Income Subject To Separate Charge,Final Tax,And Fixed Tax Regimes Of Income Tax (Taxpayer’s Facilitation Guide)
6 Depreciation,Initial Allowance,First Year Allowance And Amortization Of Capital Expenditures – Amended Upto Finance Act,2012
7 Income Tax Appeals – Amended Upto Finance Act,2012
8 Taxpayers’ Charter



1 Procedure For Import Of Vehicles Under The Personal Baggage, Transfer Of Residence And Gift Schemes
2 Baggage Rules
3 Import Of Vehicles Taxpayer’s Facilitation Guide


Taxpayer registration forms

Taxpayer Registration Form (TRF-01 (V-2)) For Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN)/National Tax Number (NTN)

Sales Tax Deregistration Form (STR-3)


Sales Tax Forms

Sales Tax-cum-Federal Excise Return

Old/Previous Years Sales Tax / FE Return Forms

Sales Tax/Federal Excise Input Challan

Sales Tax Registration Forms


Income Tax forms

Returns Forms TY 2013

Declaration by Salaried Persons

Tax Payment Receipt – IT-31 (REV – II)

Refund Application Form

CVT1- Application To The Registration Authority For The Purchase Of Immovable Property


FBR Quarterly Reviews


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