‘BABA VANGA’ Her Astonishing Predictions and Fate of World


    Baba Vanga

    Baba Vanga a famous mystic who predicted series of mega events, that eventually occurred and their impact was observed globally. She lived upto 85 and passed away on 1996. She is known to many on account of her startling prophecies.

    She foretold the twin tower attack of 9/11 stating, steel birds will attack and the inhabitant will fall before it.

    Baba Vanga lost her sight to storm when she was just 12 years old.  She had also predicted tsunami that struck on 2004 and inflicted great horror and loss to Indonesia, Thailand, Sri lanka etc. She also holds the credit of many predictions for centuries to come.

    She predicted the rise of China as world superpower and will surpass America, claiming to be next imperial state. This was prophesied for 2018. China did have made enormous progress form contributing meager 4% to global economy in 70’s to staggering 15.6% in year 2015. In contrast, United States is losing its pace and might fall short of meeting its aggregate targets.

    Baba Vanga

    In long list of  bizarre predictions she adds that, Humans from earth will move to Venus in search of energy and will make colonies there but yet to date no plan is under consideration to send any mission to Venus in pursuit of energy or anything else.

    Barak Obama will be the last president of America, happening of Brexit,  Muslims will invade Europe and also that war will erupt in Syria, predicting rise of ISIS.

    In similar other predictions, of which numerous happened and were witnessed by people but also many of them cease to happen. While many others are yet to fall in realm of time. According to her, hunger will be erased by year 2028, ice caps will melt and organs will be cloned.  Communism will return as world order by 2076, underwater civilizations will spur and people will learn living deep in water with the aid of aliens.

    She calls 3797 a time when everything will end on earth but due to technological advancements earthlings will already move to other parts of  solar system.


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