Best Business Schools of Pakistan


business-schools-of-PakistanA business school can be defined as an institution which grants degrees in Business Administration and is established on the level of a university as it indulges in the provision of different courses which include accounting, economics, human resources, finance, marketing, administration and other aspects pertaining to business administration.
Pakistan’s history shows an emergence of a number of top ranked business schools which serve as aspirations for admissions of numerous individuals because their degrees allow for them to be recognized by the corporate sector which aids them in exploring employment opportunities. Furthermore, in Pakistan, education plays a vital role in the creation of awareness to the global population and allows a person to prosper in their future and reach to higher levels. Good business schools allow students to think differently on a strategic basis whilst teaching them the present methods of business management.
The Higher Education Commission recognizes a number of business schools of Pakistan in both the public and private sector, some of which are renowned for their provision of quality education to its students. Business schools serve as institutions which provide courses related to business like Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration, the former one of which is a 4 year long degree program which is followed by the latter of whose duration’s varies from being 1 or 2 years.
The following list ranks the top business schools of Pakistan:
1. LUMS- Lahore University of Management Sciences – Lahore
2. IBA – Institute of Business Administration – Karachi
3. Iqra University – Karachi
4. LSE – Lahore School of Economics
5. NUST – National University of Sciences and Technology – Islamabad
6. UMT – University of Management and Technology – Lahore
7. SZABIST – Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology – Karachi
8. IBoM – Institute of Business Management – Karachi
9. Institute of Management Sciences – Lahore
10. PIM – Pakistan Institute of Management – Karachi
11. FAST – NU Lahore Business School
12. National college for Business Administration and Economics – Lahore
13. University of Punjab – Institute of Business Administration
14. FCC – Forman Christian college – School of Management
15. University of Central Punjab – PCBA
16. Karachi University Business School – KUBS
17. Iqra University – Islamabad
18. Institute of Management Sciences – Peshawar
19. University Collage Lahore – UCL
20. Bahauddin Zakariya University – Multan


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