Brands Using Biodegradable Bags with Seeds in Pakistan



    Did you know that about 55 billion plastic bags were used in Pakistan last year? This astonishing figure was revealed by the former Minister for Climate Change Mushahid ullah in January 2018. And whats more, their use is increasing by 15% with every passing year.

    In light of such grim ground realities, us Pakistanis need to get our act straight. And the right way to start it is to curtail and phase out the use of plastic bags in our daily lives. Some places have graduated to paper bags. And some places are thinking of out-of-the-box solutions that don’t involve plastic bags at all.

    Slowly but surely, some brands are realizing the need to go all-green, and do their bit for sustaining the environment we live in. Sapphire, a clothing brand, has joined the list of a select few businesses in Pakistan with a pro-environmental outlook. They have accomplished this by phasing out plastic bags in favor of a biodegradable bag.

    For those who are unaware, a bio-degradable bag is one that can be safely disposed off. It can decompose and even provide nutrients to the soil, meaning you can plant it as well.

    Sapphire has gone one step further with its bio-degradable bag. In fact, people may want to consider using their bags for more than just carrying things.

    Not only can customers dispose these bags without worrying about the environment, they will be surprised to find that these bags contain plant seeds as well. How’s that for incentive?

    It’s a great way to foster a sense of well-being in Pakistanis towards their environment. Given the success of the Billion Tree initiative in KPK, which is also going to be replicated on a nationwide scale now, Sapphire’s promotion is a hit both in terms of social responsibility and as an environmentally conscious brand. It may not be the first brand in the country to pioneer green initiatives, but it may just happen to be one of the most innovative one.


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