Build A Business Before Building A Brand


Building a Business

Build a business not brand.

Your mind must be questioning right now, “Aren’t those the same thing?” Or, “You need a brand to build your business.” Building a brand assists your business. But, how and what it means is confusing. The output being entrepreneurs chasing their tail trying to achieve something that is meant to come later in the process.

In entrepreneurship or even generally, we’re always looking for that “one-thing,” the magical big shot. Whenever successful entrepreneurs are interviewed and asked about the “four or five things” entrepreneurs need to become successful, the answer has always been “Hard work! Hard Work! Hard Work!

When an entrepreneur is losing the track or is frustrated with a lack of progress, he turns to the busy work. It can be anything from figuring out SEO to build traffic to a website, buying tons of Facebook ads; designing new graphics and logos. It can even be working on building a new brand or 100 other things.

The busy work makes them feel like they’re doing something. But this basically is a blurry image, a weak strategy resulting in nothing. To get a clear picture, there should be a clear plan. Planning, yes that is it!

The busy work can also come when you see another entrepreneur experiencing success using something that worked for them. People do business with entrepreneurs who stand out, not blend in. Copying other’s ideas might get you results but they will be unsustainable and not good for your business in the longer run.

People connect with people they relate with. Relationship and referral marketing are two of the best ways to build your business and a loyal following. No one who first enters your ecosystem but feels like you’re a million miles away will stay to find out more.

The problem with a lot of “build your brand” advice is that it puts you on a platform. You’re told to list all your accomplishments as social proof.

Building a business in today’s world of social media and the Internet is all about connection. When you are approachable and relatable, people are shocked because all the “build your brand” talk has hurt real connection.

How to build a brand.

The best way to build a brand that people can connect with starts with building your foundation.

• An “about” page on your website that’s personal. When about page is in the third person, you’ve missed an important connection point. Everybody assumes you wrote it, it should never be in the third person. New visitors want to know the story. The story is what connects them to you and the message.

• Interact as much as possible. You only have 24 hours in a day and a lot to do. However, the more that you can interact with your audience, the stronger your foundation will be. This is especially true when you’re just starting out. Don’t try to be Superman, but make time to connect.

• Get exposure. The way to build a brand and your business is by getting exposure wherever you can. It can be large publications or podcast/radio interviews. There are a lot of little things you can do to get a quick win, but exposure builds real authority, which is the foundation of a brand.

There are a lot of ways to game the system but people can see through what’s fake. It’s easy to lie online, but the truth always comes out.

Connection is what impresses prospects because it’s rare today. Don’t get into the busy work trap. Don’t put yourself on a stage because you think it will impress potential leads. Stand out and embrace your uniqueness. That’s how a brand is built that grows your business.


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