Diamer Bhasha Dam to Complete in 2028



    Minister for Planning Development & Special Initiatives recently chaired a meeting to review the status of progress on the Diamer Basha Dam Project.

    The Minister was informed that work on Diamer Basha Dam Project is underway and an expenditure of Rs. 99.238 billion has been incurred on the project until February 2020. This includes Rs. 93.9 billion for land acquisition for the project.

    It was further informed that WAPDA intends to award the contract for the main dam & allied structures within the next few weeks, to start the construction activities within the current financial year. Further expenditure of around Rs. 61 billion is planned during the current financial year. This includes Rs. 22 billion on resettlement and Rs. 39 billion on construction-related activities.

    The project is divided into 6 major components, for which separate contracts will be awarded in a phased manner. The dam part of the project is expected to be completed by September 2027, while the overall completion is expected in March 2028.

    The meeting was further informed that the Prime Minister’s Supreme Court Dam Fund has an amount of Rs. 12.17 billion available which is currently invested in MTBs.

    The minister directed the relevant officials to make sure that the work on the project progresses as per the timelines.


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