Emphasizing on Agriculture trade to boost economy


    agriculture growth

    According to latest Pakistan business news, Agri Spectrum in association with Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders and Industries (ICSTI) organised a two-day summit titled, “International Agri Trade Conference on Fruits and Vegetables of Pakistan 2014”.

    The motto of the conference was to recognize and address limitations faced by the agriculture sector of the country and create trade opportunities, which would result in sustainable economic growth.
    Speaking at the conference, the Ambassador of Denmark Jesper Mollar Sorensen said that both countries have a long agriculture tradition attached to them.
    “Even today, agriculture and farming is one of the most important reasons why Denmark still ranks as one of the world’s most prosperous countries. Export of food and agriculture products accounts for 24% of Denmark’s total exports,” said Sorensen.
    He said Denmark’s success was based on a coherent and efficient government system that includes political responsibility, an independent scientific risk assessment, efficient control systems and the mandatory requirement of all necessary legislation, rules and standards in place.
    He added that the Danish Embassy has started to reach out to the business community, saying that one major agriculture consultancy company participated in the first-ever Danish business delegation, which visited Pakistan last month.


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