This first traveling app of Pakistan makes your travel plans easy


traveling app of pakistan

The first traveling app of Pakistan is here and it can definitely make your travel plans easy. It is still in the beginner phase and requires a few additions too. However, it is still a very good start-up for many travel buffs.

Everyone dreams of going to places and enjoying the natural wonders of the world with scenic beauty and atmosphere. However, for visiting these places, logistics, planning, financials all are needed too. It isn’t a problem anymore as can provide the right travel service, best staying places, etc. It can also get you the most-suited gears for thrilling experiences for all through just a few clicks.

The story

It was a six friends’ group that used to face these hurdles for traveling. Thus, FindMyAdventure came into existence as they left their well-paying corporate jobs. They cared about making a difference in what matters most to them, more. Haider Rizvi, the CEO said they were ready to not being held back by the risks. Today, it has served more than thousand customers through word-of-mouth advertisement. The demand is growing now as their traveling passion has combined with Pakistan’s love to create its positive image internationally.

The style

traveling app of pakistan 2

The site is totally simple and with minimal design for ease of use for all. It is beautiful overall though looks like under progress at the moment. There are no breath-taking landscape views of Pakistan there and no places, activities, etc pictures too. It just works with a single search box with three options for searching. You can type what you want, the place, or the activity. The lists appear automatically while the promotional video with a glimpse of Pakistan is truly phenomenal. Optional filters for your results and price per person are shown to fit your requirements too.
If none of the plans fit, one can also make a customized plan as well through the ‘make my adventure’ form. You can make your tour with comprehensive timeline and activities showing alongside. Booking is available at a click and there are three payment methods including representative cash collection from your provided location.

traveling app of pakistan 3

Since it is in a beginning phase, it also lacks details and FAQ pages, breakdown of money exactly, the experience they have, who shall be organizing safety, etc. Thus, they need to build trust in these ways for sure. All customer information and even money is taken but no information about them exists.

However, the online store is a great place for selling these services as FindMyAdventure promises to supervise the entire tour. Any tour operator can be their partner after a vetting process. In a nutshell, there might be a lot needed to work upon, but it is surely a great start-up. It is because Pakistan and its people surely need this very direly.


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