Germany Lost to South Korea in Football World Cup 2018 in Russia



    Mayday, Mayday; a huge blow to the fans of Football on this day when Germany kneeled down to its opponent, despite being the defending champions.

    With this, the World Cup 2018 in Russia has come to an interesting point where the well-known teams of the world have suffered defeat from their opponents.

    Even though it is for the third time that winners of previous game lose the nerve to their opponents in an initial stage, but this game where Germany is out in the initial stage has repeated the history after 80 years.

    This kind of setback is rare to be expected in a modern era of football, irrespective of how dramatic and surprising the Russia 2018 get.

    The Germans are the most reliable, well-built and synchronized team, along with handsome funds from renowned foundations but the way you lose is what speaks of grabbing the opportunity at the right place on right time.

    Lost at the hands of their own overwhelming success, this defeat of Germany was unlike defeat of Spain in 2014, Italy in 2010 or France in 2002.

    With young lads for except few like, Manuel Neuer, Sami Khedira and Mario Gomez above 29, no one is over 32 the team of Germans were supposed to be one ton of pool brought together to swirl around their trophy but the swarm of South Korea washed away the roars of the walls and shattered their formation.



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