Government Impound 2.5 Million Polythene Bags from Islamabad

    Polythene Bags

    Polythene Bags

    2.5 million Polythene bags have been seized by Special team of Ministry of Climate change from different parts of Islamabad.

    Under the Clean & Green Pakistan initiative, the federal government had announced a city-wide ban on the use of plastic bags. The crackdown was launched yesterday, 5 days after the deadline.

    While many stopped using them some retailers and wholesalers, especially in the suburbs, continued using polythene bags after the ban was enforced.

    Special teams constituted by the Ministry of Climate Change have confiscated a huge number of plastic bags from non-complying retailers.

    The ministry has said that the teams will patrol the city regularly and will take action against the violators.

    Manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing of plastic bags is now illegal in Islamabad. People have been advised to either use cotton or biodegradable bags while shopping.

    Taking a page out of the federal capital’s book, Sindh government has also pledged to impose a similar ban in the province which will be enforced from 1st October this year.


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