Households Not to Get Affected from Hike in Gas Prices

    Gas Prices

    Gas Prices

    Gas prices to remain the same for fertilizers, import industry and basic household consumers said the petroleum division in their recent clarification regarding the possible hike in prices.

    It was mentioned, in a statement about the proposed gas tariffs, that the government is committed to ensuring that no basic consumers are hurt by the change in tariffs.

    It is important to note that multiple media outlets have reported that the ministry of petroleum has drafted a summary seeking a 200% hike in gas prices.

    Earlier on 24th June, gas consumers were set to see a substantial hike in their gas bills as officials had proposed up to a 200% increase in prices to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC). A summary was sent to the ECC by the Petroleum Ministry proposing the new gas tariffs.

    The ministry wanted to raise gas prices for domestic consumers by up to 200%, up to 31% for commercial consumers and for those whose monthly usage was over 50 units and 100 units, a 25% and 50% hike was proposed.

    Consumers who use 200 units per month would have seen their bills go up by 75% and for those that use more than 300 units per month; a 100% increase was suggested.


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