Jeff Bezos has made a History with his Net worth crossing $100Billion


Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos has become the world’s richest man, leaving behind Bill Gates. He is the co-founder and CEO of Amazon and has an accumulative wealth of more than $100 billion, making him the only one in history so far with such fortune.

The gap between the wealth of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates who holds the second position to be the richest is  $22billion which is huge. Bill Gates has a net worth of $90 billion and Jeff has $112billion.

The startling increase of $39 billion in the net worth of Jeff Bezos is due to 59% increase in Amazon shares. And this increase accounts for the highest ever recorded by Forbes in one year.

Other billionaires following Jeff and Bill Gates are; Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway at $84 billion, Bernard Arnault of LVMH at $72 billion, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook at $71billion, Amancio Ortega of Zara at $70billion, Carlos Slim Helu of telecom at $67.1billion, Charles Koch or Koch industries at $60billion, David Koch of Koch Industries at $60billion and Larry Elision of software at $58.5billion.

585 billionaires belong to USA while, on number two comes China with 373 billionaires on the Forbes list.

Shahid Khan a Pakistani-American has the net worth of $7.2billion and is the 217th richest man in the world.


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