Load shedding To Increase As Businesses Re-opened



    K-electric has warned citizens of Karachi of an increased power outage during the summer season.

    In a statement, the spokesperson of the electric supply company said that due to relaxation in the l0ckd0wn, the businesses have re0pened, causing a surge in demand.

    He maintained that due t0 the l0ckd0wn, the supply 0f furnace 0il has als0 been disturbed due t0 which the p0wer generati0n has been affected.

    The situati0n has resulted in increased electricity l0ad-shedding in Karachi and adjacent areas, he said.

    The c0mpany’s sp0kespers0n menti0ned that the situati0n will return t0 n0rmal as s00n as the supply 0f 0il is regulated.

    Citizens, 0n the 0ther hand, believed that K-electric is creating an artificial p0wer crisis.

    Pe0ple were mad at the deteri0rating situati0n 0f p0wer supply and said that they endure several h0urs’ l0ad-shedding every day.

    They maintained that every year, K-electric creates an artificial fuel sh0rtage t0 get funds fr0m the g0vernment while the c0rp0rati0n als0 increases charges in bills.


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