New year is in full swing now, what’s the money advice for 2016?


money advice for 2016

There have been many billionaires over time and it is almost every time that we ask them of their rules and principles to succeed. Such is the case with every billionaire who is constantly asked for advices to become like them. For instance, Kenneth Cole suggests that sticking with your gut is the key to building a sustainable business.

Bert Jacobs, the co-founder of Life is Good says that expectations should be soundly communicated to stakeholders. Kat Cole who is the CEO of Cinnabon says that it is good that everything should be tried out of which one which is best should be held on to.

A whole own set of advices from one billionaire, summed up is follows:

1 Be bigger

Thinking about oneself is good but it is only when you think of something that happens for everyone or for others beside you that will make you earn millions instead of thousands. It is good to understand that the purpose is greater than oneself. Being selfless hence is the key to success.

2 Surround yourself appropriately

Behind every multimillionaire there is a big expertise team and that is what helps you grow when you have the full knowledge for every other area. It is good to have people around you who help you to think more effectively. Experts of your industry that are dominant need to be in your peer group. This way you know better and your reaction is nothing but the best. Sometimes and advice may be charged a little but you gain a lot from it.

3 Enable leverage

Systems, devices and processes help more efficient operations since one cannot do things alone. One needs to know what suits them best, whether it is a time or a system or something else. It isn’t necessary that if a 4 am workout works for someone then it is suitable for you too. You must find out what actually works out for you.

4 Pro yourself at sales and marketing

It is necessary that your message is known and that people buy it too. Hence if you’re a pro at marketing and sales then you can do almost anything and continue to have a win-win situation at all times. All multi-millionaires are complete experts at marketing and sales. Finding a product to sell and have a story for it is the best way one could go about. Steve Job says that people don’t know what they need until you give it to them and that is precisely what multimillionaires do.

5 Be able to be quick

It is good to think of things but all multimillionaires make very quick decisions and they never fire them back. Ever thought why even haste works out for them? This is because they have spent a good amount of time in knowing themselves better. They know how it works that is why they are quick and hence the response makes them the first person to charge as a controller of situations like entrepreneurs control 90 pc of the people who themselves are just about 10 pc in existence.

6 Clear your priorities

Doing what matters most is the obvious key and if one learns to manage and prioritize their work, the world is at their doorstep then. Keeping in mind your main priorities, your main focuses and goals is what they do. A small pay increase doesn’t suit their priorities hence they increase their workforce to get a bigger goal.

7 Be persistent

There are no actual weekends for those wealthy millionaires, not in the actual sense but their mind is always thinking. Of course they enjoy their time, they enjoy their outings and their sleep but they are thinking to even make that time act as money for them. They know their passion and then they don’t feel like leaving it at anytime.

8 Keep serving

They love doing for people rather than doing it for money. The more value you earn, the more you gain, even when it is not money centric. The question isn’t how do I make more money; the question is how do I get more people to value. It is therefore the service that pays up at the end of the day.

9 Find improvements

A lot of knowledge is needed to make a lot of quick changes. It is necessary that whatever changes one makes are supported by concrete grounds. Hence never thinking that I am enough is the basics of being a multimillionaire. The more serious you are about self-improvement the more you will grow in all aspects.

10 Seek feedbacks

The major difference between the best and the amateurs is feedback. Great feedback from anywhere could help levels of boosted performance. Other feedback would zeal you to improve and leave no stone unturned. The most efficient, the deepest remarks could come from nowhere you had expected and being open to all would greatly help you. Hence you never know which would help you and how it would affect you.

Following the above shall help you get noticed and know for your virtues, your flair and your unique panache. With a purpose so deep and with yourself willing to invest in all these shall automatically take you to the path paved by it. You shall earn profits of all grounds guaranteed.


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