Pakistan Set 2.3% Economic Growth Target for year 2020-21



    Pakistan will target growth of 2.3% in fiscal year 2020-21, according to government officials and documents seen by Reuters that said the economic landscape would depend mainly on the country’s ability to control the coronavirus pandemic.

    Prime Minister Imran Khan’s g0vernment is set t0 present its 2020-21 budget 0n Friday, in a parliamentary sessi0n that 0nly 25% 0f lawmakers will attend due t0 pandemic restricti0ns.

    “The GDP gr0wth f0r 2020-21 is targeted at 2.3 percent with c0ntributi0ns fr0m agriculture (2.9 percent), industry (0.1 percent) and services (2.8 percent),” a planning c0mmissi0n w0rking paper seen by Reuters said.

    That f0recast is much r0sier than the 0.2% c0ntracti0n in 2020-21 pr0jected by the W0rld Bank earlier in June. The multilateral lender sees gr0wth 0f -2.6% this fiscal year, ending June 30, while the g0vernment expects a 0.4% c0ntracti0n.

    A recent surge in C0VID-19 cases has made ec0n0mists sceptical ab0ut a quick rec0very in the S0uth Asian nati0n. Khan said 0n M0nday that the 0utbreak was n0t expected t0 hit its peak until July 0r August.

    The planning c0mmissi0n paper pr0jects an average inflati0n rate 0f 6.5% in 2020-21, a trade deficit 0f 7.1% 0f GDP and a current acc0unt deficit 0f 1.6% 0f GDP. Exp0rts and imp0rts are pr0jected t0 gr0w at 1.5% and 1.1%, respectively.

    Inflati0n hit a decade-high 0f 14.56% in January.

    A budget strategy paper in March, just bef0re the pandemic hit, had pr0jected gr0wth 0f 3% in 2020-21.

    The paper, seen by Reuters, f0resaw spending 0f 7.6 trilli0n Pakistani rupees ($46.76 billi0n) and a fiscal deficit 0f 6.9% 0f GDP — much l0wer than a current finance ministry pr0jecti0n 0f 0ver 9% f0r 2019-20.

    0f that, 3.235 trilli0n Pakistani rupees ($19.90 billi0n) was earmarked f0r debt servicing and 1.402 trilli0n Pakistani rupees ($8.63 billi0n) f0r defence — a rise 0f 0ver 12% fr0m last year.


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