Pakistan will be Sending Astronauts in Space



    AirTech is the most awaited Olympiad, organized and hosted by Air University. It specifically invites students, their mentors and industry affiliates to discuss new areas for seeking dynamic opportunities, review ideas presented by participants based on advanced technology, novelty and sustainability.

    Air chief marshal Sohail Aman inaugurated the AirTech session 2017.Vice chancellor AVM(r) Faiz Aamir of Air university was also present at the event.  Air chief, in his address told the audience that Pakistan will be sending astronauts in space, with the help of China  within two years. He also advised the students to increase their efforts for more sophisticated and advanced innovations. Ultimately, this will positively affect the society and country at large. For students to unleash their potential and harness their capabilities, they must adhere to character building parameters. They should prove their mettle not exclusively, with wits but moral intelligence too which ultimately makes a great leader.

    He also emphasised on the academia and industry liaison-ship and urged the industry people to collaborate with institutions, to collectively meet the need of desired skills and abilities. Students must work hard with determination and commitment to reach the top.

    China is not only lending its expertise and help in designing aircrafts but also, supporting by all means to execute satellite program. Our aim is to protect our sovereignty at any cost  and have directed all our efforts for the protection of our national interest. We are also in the process of manufacturing JF-17 thunder which is way more efficient technologically, compared to F-16.

    Vice chancellor AVM (r) Faiz Aamir on this occasion said that this Olympiad serves as a ground to launch and exhibit models of sheer efforts and we are encouraging everyone to avail this opportunity, based on healthy competition and competitive marking. It is time that we shall illustrate our passion and talents and should seek ways to flourish it. Students must exhibit their knowledge and skills and come forward with viable and sustainable solutions for underlying problems, as they have identified. Olympiad managed to cover most of the areas pertaining to science and technology.


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