Pakistani Youngster Won Tekken 7 Championship in Las Vegas



    Pakistanis have a knack of leaving the world stunned with their brilliance every now and then. It makes you wonder what our countrymen could achieve if they had all the resources and proper guidance. One such case is the Arsalan Ash, who made history today.

    Arslan Ash has been crowned the champion of Tekken 7 at the world’s biggest and most prestigious fighting game tournament, Evo 2019, in Las Vegas. He came first after defeating South Korea’s Knee last night. The final round of the event featured 8 top professional gamers from 4 countries including the USA, South Korea, and Japan.

    Arslan made his way to the finals after two pool rounds and the semi-finals. His competitor in the final, Knee also seems to be a fan of Pakistan, expressing his desire to visit the country.

    The win comes as great news for e-sports lovers in Pakistan. Arslan not only showcased a soft image of Pakistan but also changed the perception of many who believe the country is in shackles, torn by war as portrayed in the foreign media.

    It all started when Arsalan came out of nowhere to compete in Evo Japan – the second biggest fighting tournament after Evo America. Unlike other renowned high ranking players in the tournament, Arsalan was a relatively unknown player from Pakistan whose victory put him on the map.

    He went to great lengths to attend Evo Japan. In one of his interviews, he described his trip as “very difficult”, explaining how he had difficulties acquiring a Japnese visa as a Pakistani citizen. It took Arsalan 5 flights and 2 and a half days to finally reach Japan just in time for the tournament.

    Top tier players from all over took notice of him with some even expressing their wish to come to Pakistan to compete against more Pakistani Tekken players.

    Arsalan later went on to win Thaiger Uppercut, yet another one of the prestigious fighting game tournaments in East Asia.

    He then displayed the same top tier performance in Evo America just today, proving to the world that his previous victories weren’t just a fluke and that he is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


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