PTCL and WWF to reduce carbon footprint together


    1Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has signed an agreement with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – the prominent wildlife conservation organization – for carrying out the ‘Green Office Program’ at its corporate head office.

    The program is projected towards decreasing resource consumption, subsequent costs and carbon footprint of the company that would ultimately benefit in environmental conservation.

    The agreement will allow PTCL to monitor and reduce its carbon footprint in partnership with WWF and work in the direction of developing green organizational practices. Once the benchmark is set, PTCL will be certified as a “Green Office”.  

    Syed Mazhar Hussain, CHRO PTCL, said in his speech at the occasion “Environment and energy crisis are the key issues our country is facing at the moment, and it is the responsibility of every individual and organization to take necessary measures in their respective domains for conserving the environment”

    He also highlighted that PTCL, being the major telecom operator of the country, has always promoted and supported initiatives like these. PTCL is actively following a ‘Green Office’ strategy and this agreement is aimed towards reducing the company’s energy consumption and involves employees to play their part in climate change mitigation and urban sustainability issues which will aid in environment preservation.

    Shahzad Safdar Khan, Executive Vice President, HR Services PTCL; Shahab Akbar Durrani, General Manager, Admin and Maintenance, PTCL and other senior executives from WWF & PTCL also graced the occasion with their presence.

    Reduction in carbon footprint is the solution needed for a viable future, particularly considering the current situation when Pakistan has met with severe energy crisis. It is the cooperative obligation of all organizations to get united and pave way for better utilization of country’s energy resources and reduce the adverse impact on the environment.


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