Qandeel Baloch Murder Case Takes an Unexpected Turn


    qandeel baloch murder caseQandeel Baloch murder case has taken an interesting turn. Non-bailable arrest warrant has been issued against Mufti Abdul Qavi. This is a remarkable turn of events in the Qandeel Baloch murder case. Qandeel Baloch was murdered in the name of honor by her brother.

    Mufti Abdul Qavi’s meeting with Qandeel Baloch before her death sparked great controversy. Qavi was condemned for “selfie” photographs with murdered social media star Qandeel.

    The events took an ugly shape which later turned to brutal murder of Miss Baloch.  Qavi has denied the allegations and has maintained that he has no connection to the murder.

    Judicial system of Pakistan is  slow and cases remain pending for years. Muhammad Pervez Khan, Judicial Magistrate issued the arrest warrant. He showed great displeasure that the Qandeel Baloch murder case is moving at a very slow pace.

    Qavi filed an application for pre-arrest bail. District and Session Courts Judge, Chaudhry Ameer Ahmed Khan granted him the bail.

    Qandeel Baloch became popular through social media. Her social media posts exposed the vulnerable society. She was hated and loved at the same time. The Qandeel Baloch murder case is another case that will test the mettle of our judicial system.

    All the people involved in the murder of Qandeel should be punished. No one has the right to take life of another person. Justice should be served.

    An example needs to be set by judges so that no one in future is killed in the name of honor.



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