For Safety Uber has Introduced PIN Verification



    Uber has released a new feature called PIN aiming to consolidate the safety of both passengers and drivers. PIN is a 4 digit code that allows both riders and drivers to verify each other before starting the trip. For now, the latest release will be available only in the United States and Canada. However, according to Uber, the feature will soon be made available to all 85 countries with Uber coverage, including Pakistan.

    Uber started working on PIN after a 21-year-old girl got killed when she boarded a car mistakenly thinking it was an Uber in Columbia, South Carolina. On 29th March last year, Samantha Josephson of North Carolina, called an Uber at 2 AM. Samantha hopped into a black Chevrolet Impala with Nathaniel David Rowland at the driving seat. Rowland kidnapped and killed Samantha. Columbia Police found her body in a field 90 miles from Columbia.

    After the gruesome murder of Samantha, the public demanded legislation requiring additional safety requirements for Uber customers. In connection to Samantha’s murder, North Carolina passed legislation compelling the ride-hailing service to introduce extra safety measures.

    With the new feature, Uber will send a 4-digit pin code to the rider that they can share with the drivers to verify they are stepping into the right vehicle. Once the PIN is verified, the ride can be started.

    Uber lets users decide to either turn on the PIN feature or not. Once enabled, each booked trip will be assigned a unique 4 digit PIN. The passenger would share the PIN with the driver. Before starting the ride, the driver will be asked to enter the PIN provided by the passenger. Once the driver enters the PIN, the rider will receive a confirmation and the ride will be allowed to proceed.


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