Sony Designed a Device to Control Body Temperature



    Temperature won’t be an issue anymore; Sony has come up with a solution to keep you cool even If you are wearing an outfit that is really tough to put on in sunny days.

    The device, called Reon Pocket, works as your personal air conditioner. It slips into a pouch in a special T-shirt that you can wear under your normal clothes.

    This device is being funded through Sony’s First Flight crowdfunding program and has been fully funded, exceeding its goal by 4%. Consumers who have reserved their Reon Pocket will receive it in March 2020.

    Moving on to the details, Reon Pocket is designed to lower the body temperature of the user by 13 degrees on hot days and in case you want to use it in winters, the device can raise your body temperature by 8 degrees. It uses the Peltier effect to work, where heat is emitted or absorbed when an electric current is passed through the unit.

    At the time of release, the device will only have manual controls via a mobile application, but Sony expects to add an automatic mode with future updates.

    Sony claims that the device can run 24 hours on one charge but Engadget’s sources from Japan are saying that its actual battery life is less than 2 hours. Still, this could be handy during your commute in summers or winters, especially if you have a bike.


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