Boosting Entrepreneurship & startups by Pakistani Telcos



    According to latest Pakistan telcom news, two mobile phone companies functioning in Pakistan are prepared to invest in already booming startup scene of Pakistan.
    While we know the names of both the telecom operators that are about to sign a global tech giant (and others) for partnership, we are asked to hold the names till we get any concrete confirmations on this.
    In a development that can be termed as a sweet co-incidence, both the cellular companies are working on exactly same lines to invest in local tech startups and entrepreneurs with an ultimate aim of growing data usage of masses.
    While we are yet to get details on type of investment these mobile companies, we are confirmed that initiative is aimed at enriching local tech companies to benefit local consumers.
    Coming from cellular companies with the agenda of growing data needs, one can assume that tech startups and entrepreneurs with focus on mobile applications will be liked more by these upcoming initiatives. But nevertheless, web or desktop apps are also capable of driving data needs and hence may also come under the scope.
    Both the companies — who plan to invest heavily in Pakistani startups — understand that local starups and developers have all the required potential in filling the market requirements for local apps and content as the demand has only risen after the emergence of 3G and 4G technologies.


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