Startup: The Effect of Milkaumentar on Production of Milk in Cattle


MilkaumentarSarmad Saeed Nasir is a participant of Inten Science Fair 2016 and has an idea of Milkaumentar. As the name suggest, ‘Milkaumentar’ is a product that can increase milk production in livestock by improving the digestion process. Unfortunately people at livestock farms use chemical supplements and injections that ultimately become a part of the diet of all living beings, therefore the project was taken up to come up with an easy to make herbal supplement.

For this purpose, a livestock farm was visited and common practises were observed to find problems faced by farmers, in addition to lack of technical knowledge, it was discovered that many animals stopped giving milk very early in age.

The authorities informed that this was a side effect of the chemical supplements farmers used, initially the injection does quite well, doubling the amount of milk production within a couple of days. Farmers use these supplements for a long time because of the initial success but all of that goes waste when the cattle eventually stops giving milk. After gathering information, and a good deal of research, an easy to make herbal supplement was made and named “Milkaumentar”. Under the guidance of a doctor this product was lab tested and administered on three subjects, the results were recorded to gauge increase in milk production during one week. Surprisingly, the results were far beyond anyone’s expectations, it had remarkable positive effect on the milk production and was proved to be safe for long time use. This research can really bring a change in livestock industry.


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