Water Shortage a Prime Challenge for Islamabad



    Islamabad Master plan is to be revised by the federal government for the next 20 years and city residents have been asked to identify the issues.

    A recent survey has acquired public feedback and some major issues have been highlighted by people.

    Nearly 3200 people submitted their replies, and most of them – over 60 percent – believed that the unavailability of clean and drinkable water was the gravest issue in the federal capital.

    More than 41 percent mentioned a lack of parking space as a concern, while around 40 percent wanted an improved sanitation system.

    A source familiar with the development said that the government was hopeful that people’s suggestions would help the commission revise the master plan.

    It said that the commission deployed for the task is already considering various revisions. The completed draft, after the approval from the federal cabinet, will be handed over to a reputed consultant for implementation.

    Islamabad master plan is designed by a Greek firm, Doxiadis in 1960 for just 0.6 million people, but the population has now crossed the one-million mark.

    The firm had suggested revising the master plan after every 20 years. However, successive governments never bothered, which resulted in a lack of civic planning in the city.

    He revealed that the commission has failed to find a new water resource for the capital in the presence of Simly Dam, Khanpur Dam, and tube-wells.


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