Pakistan and US Partner To Reduce Poverty


The U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Richard G. Olson met with the Faisalabad District Coordinating Officer Noor Ul Amin Mengal and other leaders in a visit to Faisalabad in order to illuminate the bilateral partnerships between Pakistan and the United States in sectors such as education, business and agriculture. In the meeting further opportunities for partnerships between the 2 countries in the above mentioned sectors were also discussed.

The highlight of the ambassador’s visit was the inauguration of the Lincoln Corner at Government College University in Faisalabad which would help the students with the availability of material about the United states, , reference books, periodicals, media, and internet connectivity. The ambassador in the inauguration ceremony of this facility stated that this initiative would help to bridge the cultural gap that existed between the 2 countries.

The Ambassador also inaugurated the Hardees restaurant, which was a franchise of the famous American food chain. At the ceremony Mr. Olson emphasized on the opportunities that lied in investing in American franchises. He also applauded and thanked the entrepreneurs in Pakistan to believing in American franchises which helped to create jobs in the city.

The ambassador also held a meeting with the leadership of the university of Agriculture in Faisalabad in order to increase agricultural research. United States has played a vital role in helping the University since 2003 with efforts such as a $12.4 million endowment for faculty development, agricultural sciences research, technology transfer, and product commercialization.





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