USAID Powered PSSP In Conference

Foreign Affairs (Pakistan News) USAID
Foreign Affairs (Pakistan News)

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has powered the Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP) to present its findings in a 2-day conference. USAID has previously taken many initiatives to help Pakistan to prosper. USAID has specifically helped the agriculture sector of Pakistan with efforts such as expanding irrigation by 200,000 acres to spur farming near the Gomal Zam and Satpara dams, and increasing the incomes of 250,000 farmers and female agricultural workers through proper training and increased access to market networks, allowing them to earn more for the crops they grow. The PSSP is one of many joint Pakistan and the United States initiatives to reduce poverty and increase workers’ incomes.

USAID’s Mission Director, Gregory Gottlieb applauded the liaison between the government of Pakistan and the planning commission as it supported vibrant and sustained research and development efforts in Pakistan.

Through this planning program, Pakistan would be able to make evidence-based policy reforms that address to the problem of poverty in the rural areas of the country. The Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms and Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal also looked forward to more opportunities for the country to adopt research based policies in order to enhance the agriculture sector, rural economy and ensure food and security in the country.



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