6000 ‘Model 3 Cars’ of Tesla will be Produced Every Week


Model 3 Cars

6000 cars per week of Model 3 cars will be produced by Tesla to reach its weekly goal of 5000 cars. This will also allow for any margin of error. This came in the letter from Chief executive Elon Musk to employees.

By rolling out cars to customers a needed revenue can be generated and also around the clock, work will begin on Model 3 sedan, adding another shift in the general assembly, body paint and body shops.

For improving automation and rectifying shortcomings, Tesla had suspended Model 3 assembly line for some time. This stopping time was taken to make necessary upgrades to increase the production of Model 3.

The upgrades in Late May will further enhance production taking it to 6000 Model 3 vehicles per week.

As the profitability of Tesla rests on Model 3, the investors are looking forward to as if Tesla would be able to meet the targets delayed. Tesla had been downgraded by Moody’s as fatality occurred by one of its vehicles using Autopilot system. Also, it raises a lot of concerns from safety regulators.

The assembly of Tesla’s Model 3 by robots has brought complexities and delays. And this was acknowledged in a tweet that ‘Excessive automation was a mistake’ by Elon Musk.


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