Anti-Vehicle Lifting App Launched By Punjab Police



Technology has been resorted to now when it comes to vehicle theft in Punjab. An anti-theft mobile application has been launched by Punjab police that would allow police to check details of a stolen vehicle at any time.

The Anti Vehicle Lifting System (AVLS) app allows police officers to access a provincial database of vehicles which have either been reported as stolen, snatched, under-investigation, recovered, under forensic testing or in some sort of a court case.

Punjab police have reported that the data for vehicles in 36 districts, which were reported in various crimes at the police stations, has been centralized and added to the database.

Hence, whenever an automobile is stolen somewhere in the province and reported to the police, the officers will upload its particulars onto the central database through the mobile application.

This will help police officers check the details of stolen vehicles by simply adding the registration number of the vehicle in the app. It will also help them track them down without having to go through time-consuming manual procedures.

The government is also giving limited access to the app to the general public. This will let you upload the details of your stolen vehicle immediately without having to report it to a nearby police station.


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