Audi A3 in Pakistan opens for bookings at 4 million PKR


audi a3 in pakistan

There have been numerous words lately for the Audi A3 in Pakistan to make its debut. It is true that Audi has been looking to extend out towards the Asian audience for sometime now. The initiative has finally been taken. The bookings for the 2017 Audi A3 in Pakistan are now open.

The Audi approach here is not quite revolutionary though. The Audi A3 in Pakistan is quite similar to the latest A4 when it comes to the exteriors. However, it has more advanced technology inside than their latest one. Meanwhile, more than 950,000 current generations of A3 have been revealed as well.

Their own words for Audi A3 in Pakistan

They say that the Audi A3 new range is made up of different customs. This includes three-door, five-door, Sportback, Saloon, and Cabriolet versions. They take a leap forward in the most key areas whether it is refreshed styling or great engine choice. They bet that it is of course the latest technology and the very best of it all.

audi a3 in pakistan 2

The looks

The Audi A3 has much more compact looks than before. The subtle exteriors give a truly combined look overall. The most striking change is the wider front grille which is now included in it. There is also a redesigned rear air diffuser and Xenon headlights included too. The Matrix LED headlights are obviously also available.

The specs

audi a3 in pakistan 3

There is a great choice of four turbo-petrol and three turbo-diesel, and a turbo-petrol electron electric hybrid version in it. This has a 75kw electric motor in it. It also has a new cylinder-on-demand technology. With this, the car can carry two cylinders with a lighter load as well. It is also because of this that the new petrol range is changed. It has replaced the old 1.2 and 1.4 liter 150 bhp with 115 bhp three cylinder 1.0 liter engine.

The price

The price for the Audi A3 in Pakistan is given as follows

audi a3 in pakistan 4


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