Auto part makers of Pakistan raise concerns over policies


Auto part makers of Pakistan

PAAPAM abbreviated as Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers has raised their voice over the new auto policy that provides incentives to only new automakers stepping into the field.

PAAPAM Chairman Mumshad Ali says that this new policy’s aim should be the growth of this industry through everyone and not just the new ones coming in the industry.

He also added that in other countries the policies were such that they experienced immense growth through every possibility available where everyone shall play their part.

But the one given by ECC on Friday will not be like this since it will in no way complete the goals set by the finance minister for the country.

To encourage the existing automakers should have been the approach by the government but these kind of things as SEZ incentives to have new sales-volumizing plants for new part productions should be given to the association.

Also, those existing automakers that are installing new Greenfield plants shall be given the same perks as the new investors while also naming to control import of used cars coming in as garbage gifts, since it Iis also a great reason for problems


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