Battle of the Hybrid Hypercars


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For all of the enthusiast driven, car fanatics and even for those who remotely follow the automotive industry; the heated debate about which Hypercar takes the podium position is nothing new. I’m talking about the bedazzling red LaFerrari, the immaculate McLaren P1 and the showstopper: the Porsche 918 Spyder.

In an age, where the Hybrid wars are characterized by relentless arguments about efficiency, CO2 emissions and the environment amongst other things, the addition of hybrid and electric hybrid
technology to Hypercars just makes one sit on the edge of their seat and indulge in a discussion which usually ends up in a feud.

All three Hypercars, when pushed to the limit, generate a myriad of clever algorithms being processed as the ingenious systems on board them aid every nook and cranny of the cars. These cars spark fervor and are nothing than a spectacle with their radical designs and advanced technology. All three cars benchmark the car industry and show its future.

Decades from now, these three cars will signify when everything changed. There was the time before the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959, there was the time before the McLaren F1, and there was the time before the Bugatti Veyron and now it’s time for us to be setting up the benchmark for all future hybrid vehicles, including hybrid supercars and Hypercars.

Technology is ever changing, just like the world around us. There was a time when mobile phones were only for the rich and affluent but now everyone seems to be in on it now. There was a time when cars weren’t affordable and were like a dream come true for many but now a majority seems to have at least two parked comfortably at home. Similarly, when it comes to hybrid technology companies are making extreme efforts to make this advancement in automobiles available to everyone.

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Looking at the bigger picture, the entire debate about the three Hypercars isn’t about which goes around the corner 0.002 seconds faster or which was has the better power to weight ratio. The debate revolves around how these companies are planning on providing the same technology to the rest of the world through the rest of their cars.

Ferrari promises to trickle down these advancements in their future cars and McLaren still don’t have any statement regarding the situation. Porsche on the other hand, thinking along the lines of “more power per hp” and “more dreams per kilometer” strikes with the Panemera S “E-Hybrid” and the Cayenne S “E-Hybrid” with the same acid green “E-Hybrid.” badge that goes on the side of the Porsche 918 Spyder.

The La Ferrari, the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1 are basically the superheroes of hyper-performance hybrids and their individual automotive superpowers are next to nothing.

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Nevertheless, for a person who unfortunately, does not have the money for a La Ferrari priced at approx £1.15 million or a McLaren P1 priced at £866,000, or even for one of the nine hundred and eighteen Porsche 918 Sypders worth £704,000 (Weissach Pack edition), the option to buy a Panamera S E-Hybrid or a Cayenne S E-Hybrid suddenly seems worth the money.

These two cars might not be as fast as the three Hypercars but what they do have is Porsche pushing the same technology as in their supercars, giving the Panamera and the Cayenne a jaw-dropping economy of up to 3.1 litres and 3.4 litres/100kms respectively while giving the driver a chance to enjoy its pure electric drive for up to 32kms.

0-100km/hr in merely 5.5s (The Panamera S E-Hybrid, 3 litre V6) and 5.9s (The Cayenne S E-Hybrid, 3 litre V6) compared to the 918’s 2.6s which requires a fortune and a half to buy one. Fully charged on your electric socket at home or the office these two cars jump from 333hp to 416 raging stallions that obviously make a lot of difference.

This is not only a win for Porsche but also for those who want technology not to be revolving in the hands of a few. For those who love cars and whatever that comes with it, they know that this is going to shape the future and a brighter way which benefits everyone, eventually.

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