BMW lower end models in Pakistan to be official now


bmw lower end models in pakistan

The newly implemented auto policy is finally bearing fruits. It seems that the German automaker is adamant for its BMW lower end models in Pakistan. BMW is increasing its presence here through the launch of these BMW lower end models in Pakistan.

This will be the second generation of BMW X1 that will be available in the country. Johannes Seibert is the BMW Group Middle East MD who confirmed the X series launch to attract customers. He adds that the models have been positioned pricewise to be competitive enough already. Their idea behind the launch is to bring in new customers in their group. This is because they have notice 90% switch over change here. Pakistan has BMW here since 2004 in partnership with Dewan Motors. It has given 2 PHEV models, X5 40E and the 330E. These models gave positive feedback with 15% share in the total sales of the country, thus further action is seen.

High end models are also imported by individual customers here too. The X1 costs Rs 3.99 million, approx, to attract enough people already. There are 120 pre-orders while delivery will start in Feb 2017. About 150 units are sold each year while this year has been more successful than that. By this year they are expecting 30% more cars to be sold and delivered in comparison.

The support

Mohammad Yousuf, Dewan Motors Chairman says they expect to sell 250 units in Pakistan in 2017 as a rise. They are committed to the BMW group and their investment too. He also added that with developments like the CPEC the demands are rising. Thus, they are all geared up for the need in this sector. They shall be aggressive according to the demand and invest to expand operations too. Yousuf also doesn’t consider any Japanese imported vehicles to be their threat (SUV Honda Vezel to X1).

Seibert on the other hand says that it depends on each company’s strategy to explore the potential. This is complex but Pakistan’s dynamic market needs to be looked here. This is also the reason why they are open to discuss anything related to it.


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