Car Registration Taxes are Not Increased



It was strongly opposed by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), a perception to the general public that rate of taxes has been changed in Financial Budget-2019 for the purpose of token payments and registration of cars.

After verification it was noticed that this misperception was due to a typographical mistake which was rectified in the Finance Act-2019, a press release by FBR said.

It added the rate of taxes for the token payment and registration of cars was the same that was charged in the previous year and there was no enhancement or reduction in the tax rate.

FBR further added that no taxes had been levied on private cars on the basis of seating capacity.

However, the people who have not filed tax returns will have to pay double tax than the people who are on the Active Taxpayer List (ATL).

Any person who thinks he is not eligible to pay tax can inform the FBR beforehand and they will be considered for exemption from this double tax.


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