Chinese 800cc Cars Coming Out Next Year


Chinese 800cc cars

United motors a prominent Chinese bike maker has planned to introduce 800cc cars in its line up next year. The auto specialized company has expressed its goals for manufacturing cars and pickups. the newly introduced vehicles will be sold as brand name United and also it will be installed with technology from china.

The cars will be locally assembled and this will start in the beginning of 2018. According to  MD United motors, Muhammad Afzal.

This news is trending in market that the cars to be introduced will be doppelgangers of same sort of 800cc mehran and Ravi. But according to MD united they will not be lookalikes of any existing brand and plus they will contain more enhanced features and also the safety aspects are duly incorporated.

Suzuki is halting manufacturing of Mehran and would be launching  660cc Alto in 2019. This will bring to end the era for Mehran cars as they served the needs of people for thirty years.

Chinese 800cc cars will be economical in terms pricing as mentioned by Muhammad Afzal.

Government has granted special discount in custom duties to Kia and Lucky venture, Hyundai and Nishat and Also, United motors for seeting up the GreenField plants. The companies shall be importing all the parts and would be assembled locally thereafter.

It is estimated that around 8000 vehicles that include, Mehran, Bolan and Ravi are sold per month. These belong to 800cc segment and also the largest segment as well.

Mehran is considered very affordable by users, whose purchasing power doesn’t allow buying expensive imported or locally assembled vehicles. Also, spare parts and resale is quite convenient for the users.

As Mehran is considered very user friendly, economical, affordable and most often in transition from motor bikes to car it is the most preferred choice of customers. It is therefore, cannot be claimed as if the Chinese 800cc cars will strikingly influence the market for Mehran, according to local vendors.


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