First Virtual Driver Training Simulator Inaugurated in Islamabad


Virtual Driver

Islamabad traffic police have expedited its process of facilitating citizens. Earlier e-Challan system was introduced to ensure transparency, record keeping, time-saving and ease for citizens. Now in another latest development, Islamabad traffic police have put into effect Virtual Driver training simulators for the public.

The purpose of introducing such initiatives is to create awareness among masses and also to improve the prospects of training as every year many lives become victim to untrained drivers.

The simulators will help drivers to learn in a real-world resembling driving scenario. With this, the driver can improve his/her driving skills and handling. This Virtual Driver Training Simulator will be very beneficial to those, particularly who are frightened of bringing their vehicles on the roads due to heavy traffic.

The simulators were examined by Sultan Azam Taimuri, IG Islamabad Police.

Ten Virtual Driver simulators have been installed in the precinct of Islamabad and it has been planned to extend this initiative to other parts of the country as well.


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