German Automaker releases new variant of the BMW i3 electric car


bmw i3 electric car

The Germany-based BMW automaker is soon to launch a new version of the BMW i3 electric car. This will be announced by next year that will be a longer range and revamped design variant.

The changes for the new BMW i3 electric car

The news was confirmed by the local weekly Welt am Sonntag with the company’s citations. The front of the car shall be reworked while the rear of the new BMW i3 electric car will also be changed. The car will be equipped with a new battery for an increased range too. This will be over the present 300km limit and an increase by 50%. BMW has made many significant investments earlier but it just gave them lacklustre sales. There were only 25,000 i3s delivered which is why it is questioning the acceleration of the i3 variant. However, the variant is also brought as a hope to increase sales as the battery is increase.

What the output will be is yet to be found out because there are no comments available by BMW on this stance.


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