Germany’s Daimler considering the first Russian car plant to be made


first russian car plant

The first passenger car plant in Russia is being considered by Germany’s Daimler as the country strives through its fluctuation economy to be improved in the future.

A spokesperson at Daimler has reported that they are in talks with the Russian Government in order to fulfill the local car production’s economic requirements while they did not comment to confirm on when the decision would be taken, what the investment level would be or what number of cars they shall be producing at the new site.

According to Germany’s business daily Handelsblatt, unknown sources have revealed that the Stuttgart based automaker will be spending nearly $224 million on this new production plant to assemble almost 30,000 sport utility autos from imported kits.

The Russian car market volume has decreased over the years due to the fluctuating oil prices, western grants over the crisis in Ukraine and weak Rouble value.

However according to analysts the pent up demand would surely yield a rebound in the future to come.


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