Heavy Bikes Import have Witnessed the Rise in Demand of 150%


Heavy Bikes Import

In Pakistani young lads and bike enthusiast can be observed to have pressed for more heavy bikes demand. This has led to 150% increase in Heavy Bikes Import i.e. $3.86million from $1.5million last year.

Atlas Honda limited is offering heavy bikes in the price range of Rs.640000 to Rs.1.25m while it has bikes in the 150-500cc category. Similarly, Pak Suzuki offers bikes in the range of Rs.599000 to Rs.1.95m and the fall in the 250-600cc category.

In Pakistan with the recent trend of heavy bike patrolling by Law enforcement agencies have also added into rising in demand for Heavy Bikes Import. 250-600cc bikes are being used by them and you will often see motorway and traffic police patrolling around on their heavy bikes. Maybe chasing culprits will be quite productive with these speed machines.

Although everyone wants to have one, high prices of heavy bikes have restricted the domain of buyers as mostly the rich ones can afford only to pay for heavy bikes.

According to Sabir Sheikh, Chairman Association of Pakistan motorcycle assemblers, 250-500cc bikes are also being imported from China which is very similar to those coming from Japan and because people are shifting their weights toward heavy bikes, the market has realized quite a considerable increase in bike demand. Some completely knocked down (CKD) kits are also being imported for assembly of bikes in Pakistan.


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