Hybrid Electric Planes by 2022: Start-up Project Backed by Boeing


hybrid electric planesIt has been announced by Boeing that they will support hybrid electric planes project by 2022. The expected date to initiate test flights is 2019. It has been informed by Zunum Aero, a Seattle based startup company that an aircraft would carry 12 passengers up to 700 miles. Zunum Aero is supported by air carrier JetBlue and Boeing.

Zunum Aero has employed technicians and engineers who have worked on leading-edge vehicles for Rolls-Royce and Boeing.  The hybrid electric planes targets to fill a gap in regional travel of up to 1000 miles. The company further said that the maximum cruise speed on the vehicle will be 340 miles per hour and it will emit 80 per cent fewer emissions and noise.

This project would help skip regional airports like Boston and Washington and in its place would provide lower fare travel rates from Beverly, Massachusetts to College Park, Maryland.

Bonny Simmi, the president of JetBlue Technology Ventures said that he is excited to support and assist Zunum to start a new era in the field of aviation. The world is making waves with more inventions and innovations and this new project to launch hybrid electric planes is another feather in the cup. The project has an excellent team working so it is probable that  Hybrid electric planes will be a reality  by 2022.Hybrid-Plane-2


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