Indus Motor gives way to Hilux and Fortuner launch


fortuner launch

The Indus Motor Company (IMC) has brought forward the news for the Fortuner launch in Lahore on Tuesday. It is the new launch in the commercial vehicle and SUV range while the Hilux Revo has also been announced.

A radical approach for designing and traveling across the world including Pakistan has been taken. Thus, Hilux and Fortuner are launched after observing driving patterns, road conditions, traffic situations and listening to customers and dealers too. It was confirmed by H Nakjima, the Chief Engineer for Hilux and Fortuner at the launch. Thus, he also added that this has been achieved after exhaustive testing and research.

The challenges

Among the toughest tasks remain the new bigger and tougher Hilux frame, its improved engine, new 6-speed-transmission, and longer leaf-suspension. Hence, it offers more efficiency to be stress-free and comfortable too. The IMC CEO, Ali Asghar Jamali also says that Pakistan is among the fastest growing economies in the region. Hence, it shall yield good results particularly for the auto industry. He added that provided the conditions exist, the demand for 35,000 units till 2025 will be reached. However, if new names step in then it could further reach 500,000 units too.

The CEO also talked about IMC’s localization to add that they are saving valuable foreign exchange. Moreover, he stressed that with continuous efforts, vehicles are also offered at a much competitive price than before. The efforts are adjusted for dollar appreciation less than that in 1993.


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